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Radio One is a Motorola Solutions, Radio Solutions Channel Partner. This means we can offer our customers the complete line of Motorola commercial and professional MOROTRBO two-way radios.

MOTOTRBO Digital Radios Miami

Portable Radios

Looking for the best portable two-way radios in the industry? Check out the industry leading line of MOTOTRBO digital radios. MOTOTRBO radios have transformed the two-way radio industry and they can do the same for your business. Our digital portables offer clear voice quality, better battery life, larger coverage area and a variety of data applications to help your business run more smoothly.

Mobile Radios

Mobile radios from Motorola Solutions help keep your team connected when they are in their vehicles. MOTOTRBO mobile radios will keep your people connected wherever they go. The new digital radios offer double the capacity, improved audio clarity and integrated data applications such as GPS tracking.

In-Building Solutions

Is your building compliant to all of the local codes in the City of Miami? Did you know that the City of Miami mandates building owners to provide uninterrupted coverage for police and fire departments when inside their building. Many commercial business owners have a tough time communicating throughout their building. We can resolve those issues with repeaters and bi-directional amplifiers.


You can save big with MOTOTRBO trade-in promotions of up to $1200.00. Motorola Solutions is bringing you big savings to help you get 2016 off to a great start. Make sure to take advantage of their special Trade Up, Save Big customer promotions for their leading MOTOTRBO™ radios and repeaters, which offer you incredible trade-in savings.

Motorola Two-way Radios Miami

Five Florida Locations

RADIO ONE is the largest Motorola Solutions Channel Partners in Florida. We provide communications solutions, FCC licensing assistance and rentals of communications systems to enterprise and government customers.

We have locations in Boca Raton, Clearwater, Daytona, Miami and Orlando. Please visit our corporate website for more information

Annual Events In Miami

Miami hosts some amazing events throughout the year. Here is an example of some of the events in our area.

If you need help with communications with any upcoming events please contact us.

Motorola Solutions Miami

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